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Thursday, July 2, 2015

First Cases of Vesicular Stomatitis for 2015

The State Veterinarian's Office for Colorado's Department of Agriculture reported today that Colorado has had its first Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) cases in 2015.  The State Vets Office indicated that horses on two sites tested positive for VS making Colorado the fourth state to have positive cases.

Horses are primarily affected by VS, however many livestock species are susceptible.  Yearly insect migrations are considered to be the major source in spreading the disease with livestock transportation also playing a role.  Based on the mechanism of disease spread, prevention is the best management practice, especially for horse owners.  Daily fly control, especially on the ears, is recommended for disease prevention.  Due to the severe outbreak of 2014 with 370 quarantines, the State Vets office is urging livestock owners to practice disease prevention.  

For more information on VS, visit the Colorado Department of Ag website at 

or the USDA website at 

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  1. Colorado Department of Ag update. "As of 8/5/2015, the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s State Veterinarian’s Office has 53 locations in eight counties under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis (VS)."